Waves EP under_score Release Date 04 Dec 2017
under_score - Waves [Monotonik Records]
under_score - Waves (Apollo 84 Remix) [Monotonik Records]
under_score - Day One [Monotonik Records]
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Jack In The Box EP Majesty, Rich Wakley Release Date 13 Nov 2017
01. Majesty & Rich Wakley - Jack In The Box [Monotonik Records]
02. Majesty & Rich Wakley - Jack In The Box [Di Chiara Brothers Remix]
03. Majesty & Rich Wakley - Clockwork [Monotonik Records]
04. Majesty & Rich Wakley - Clockwork [Toni Varga Remix]
ADE Sampler 2017 Chris Main, Enzo Siffredi & Qubiko, Cassell, Jovan Vucetic, Knober & Sylter, Peter Pizzutelli Release Date 16 Oct 2017
Chris Main - Claps In The Air [Monotonik Records] +
Enzo Siffredi, Qubiko - Spaghetti Town_master
Cassell - 1520 Sedgwick [Monotonik Records] +
Jovan Vucetic - Yeah! [Monotonik Records] +
Knober, Sylter - Moonraker [Monotonik Records] +
Peter Pizzutelli - Bad Mood [Monotonik Records] +
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The Magic Circle EP Makanan Release Date 18 Sep 2017
Makanan - The Magic Circle [Monotonik Records]
Makanan - The Magic Circle (Basti Grub Remix) [Monotonik Records]
Makanan - The Magic Circle (Mhod remix) [Monotonik Records]
Makanan - Smack UP [Monotonik Records]
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The Sound EP Dzordz Release Date 21 Aug 2017
Dzordz - The Sound [Monotonik Records]
Dzordz - Begin [Monotonik Records]
Dzordz - Sweet Vibe [Monotonik Records]
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The Voices Eskuche Release Date 24 Jul 2017
Eskuche - The Voices [Monotonik Records]
Eskuche - The voices (Demarzo Remix) [Monotonik Records]
Eskuche - The Voices (Hauswerks Remix) [Monotonik Records]
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Shut Up EP Ismael Casimiro Release Date 26 Jun 2017
Ismael Casimiro - Shut Up [Monotonik Records]
Ismael Casimiro - Shut UP (Jesus Nava Remix) [Monotonik Records]
Ismael Casimiro - What Tha Fck [Monotonik Records]
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Cha Cha EP Tolstoi & Andsan Release Date 29 May 2017
Tolstoi & Andsan - Cha Cha [Monotonik Records]
Tolstoi & Andsan - Cha Cha (CASSIMM Remix) [Monotonik Records]
Tolstoi & Andsan - Rick & Bob [Monotonik Records]
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Moon Dance EP Carnao Beats Release Date 17 Apr 2017
Carnao Beats - Moon Dance [Monotonik Records]
Carnao Beats - Wolf [Monotonik Records]
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WMC Sampler 2017 Marcellus Wallace, Louie Anderson, Rich Pinder & DJOKO, Tolstoi & Andsan, Juanito, Mata Jones & DJ Freespirit Release Date 20 Mar 2017
Marcellus Wallace & Louie Anderson - Wonderman [Monotonik Records]
Rich Pinder & DJOKO - Some Effort [Monotonik Records]
Tolstoi & Andsan - Yukon [Monotonik Records]
Juanito - Bringing Me Out [Monotonik Records]
Mata Jones & DJ Freespirit - Alright John [Monotonik Records]
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Beatport Top Ten Tracks

Majesty, Rich Wakley - Jack In The Box Di Chiara Brothers Remix
Mhod - Don't Mind Original Mix
Piem - Love Everyone The Deepshakerz Remix
Foremost Poets - Moonraker Knober & Sylter Edit
Enzo Siffredi, Qubiko - Spaghetti Town Original Mix
Piem - Love Everyone Original Mix
Makanan - The Magic Circle Basti Grub Remix
Sante Sansone - Dance With Me Original Mix
under_score - Waves Apollo 84 Remix
Mark Radford - Vibe Ya Head Original Mix
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