Into The Vibe EP Revlow Release Date 22 Nov 2018
Revlow - Into The Vibe [Monotonik Cutz]
Revlow, Sandor - Party Tonight [Monotonik Cutz]
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Call Me Phonique, iso* Release Date 22 Oct 2018
Phonique, Iso* - Call Me [Monotonik Cutz]
Phonique, Iso* - Call Me (LouLou Players Remix)
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ADE Sampler 2018 Various Artists Release Date 18 Oct 2018
Andre Salmon - Her Idea [Monotonik Records]
Titan Road - The Flow [Monotonik Records]
Relativ (NL) - Alpha [Monotonik Records]
AR - All You [Monotonik Records]
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Jack The Drum Natema Release Date 01 Oct 2018
Natema - Jack The Drum monotonik [Monotonik Cutz]
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Dance With Me EP Sante Sansone Release Date 27 Sep 2018
Sante Sansone - Dance With Me [Monotonik Records]
Sante Sansone - Miami Vice [Monotonik Records]
Sante Sansone - On My Way [Monotonik Records]
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All Around You EP Papa Marlin Release Date 17 Sep 2018
Papa Marlin - All Around You [Monotonik Cutz]
Papa Marlin - Call Back [Monotonik Cutz]
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JAM EP Ruze Release Date 30 Aug 2018
Ruze - Jam [Monotonik Records]
Ruze - Fly [Monotonik Records]
Ruze - Party N'Bull [Monotonik Records]
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Bang It EP WilyamDeLove Release Date 26 Aug 2018
WilyamDeLove - Bang It [Monotonik Cutz]
WilyamDeLove - Tell Me Why [Monotonik Cutz]
WilyamDeLove - Tezzla [Monotonik Cutz]
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Don't Mind EP Mhod Release Date 30 Jul 2018
Mhod - Don't Mind [Monotonik Records]
Mhod - Don't Mind (Truth Be Told remix) [Monotonik Records]
Mhod - Everything Alright [Monotonik Records]
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Boogie Woogie EP Papa Marlin Release Date 09 Jul 2018
Papa Marlin & Ivan Deyanov - Boogie Woogie [Monotonik Cutz]
Papa Marlin - Infected tubes [Monotonik Cutz]
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Sante Sansone - Dance With Me Original Mix
Mhod - Don't Mind Original Mix
Piem - Love Everyone The Deepshakerz Remix
Majesty, Rich Wakley - Jack In The Box Di Chiara Brothers Remix
Piem - Love Everyone Original Mix
Davina Moss - You've Got Messages Raffa FL Remix
under_score - Waves Apollo 84 Remix
Foremost Poets - Moonraker Knober & Sylter Edit
Mark Radford - Vibe Ya Head Original Mix
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